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Heartland: Hiring Practices for Specific Job Titles

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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Summary: Heartland uses separate hiring practices for each managerial job. 

  • District Managers: Hired via Requisitions to a Sr. District Manager Job Title
    • Business Unit Admin and Human Resources Manager admin access
  • General Managers: No longer evergreen, Hired via Requisitions
    • Custom Store Manager admin access
    • All hiring for this position must be approved by Corporate Office:
      • Internal: Promotion from Assistant Manager to General Manager
      • External: Must be hired as a Fast Track Manager first and then moved to General Manager
      • Rehire: RVP will call if a rehire needs to go back through as a Fast Track Manager for training
    • These Requisitions are always marked as "No" for the question "Start Accepting Applications..."
  • General Managers in California: Requisitions - Hire them under the CA General Manager job code only!
    • California law requires them to be hourly because of overtime pay, this is only relevant to the GM position
  • Fast Track Managers: General Managers in Training
    • No requisitions, but only posted if there is a General Manager job available 
    • Do not hire them at the regional location, hire them as a corporate employee under the Corporate Location as Corporate needs to pay for the training and not the regions
    • HR Service Center is responsible for hiring FTM's
      • ***Note: FTM Offer Letter custom form is part of the onboarding! The form must be filled out by the hiring manager and then onboarding can be enabled.
      • ***Calculate the time and a half amount using the attached tool below
    • RVP sends a Change of Status Form once the training is completed
      • If Approved: Moved to General Manager job title
      • If Denied: Moved out of Fast Track Manager 
    • Administrative Rights: No access to PeopleMatter, access to POS to track they are working 52 hours
  • MN Job Titles: These jobs have all been inactivated! If one is mistakenly moved back to active, please do NOT hire anyone under a job that contains "MN."