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Courses: Why am I unable to set a LEARN Course as a Prerequisite?

Miriah -

In order for a course to be appear in the Prerequisite menu, it has to be marked as required for Future Team Members. Assigning a course is Step Three in the overall process to create a course in LEARN.


To access Courses at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → LEARN/Manage Courses.

  • From your list of courses, select the course you want to edit.  
  • Navigate to Step Three - Assign the Course and Save
  • Within Step Three, you should not have to make any changes to Units/Jobs or Roles at this point.  Click Next to view the screen below.
  • The arrow indicates that there is no course due date set for Future Team Members.  For this course to be a prerequisite, there must be a course due date here.  
  • To update, click Reset Course Due Date

  • To require this course, you will set the Course Due Date for current Team Members and future Team Members.  If you want to make the course optional, skip this step.
      • The first field prompts you to Set a due date for current Team Members. To do so, click the checkbox called Require this course. Use the calendar to select the due date. There is a reminder that the course will not be reset for team members that have already taken the course.
      • The second field prompts you to Set a due date for future Team Members. To do so, click the checkbox called Require this course. A drop-down called Select Due Date will appear.  Click the drop-down arrow. For new hires, you can select from a list of options:
          • Hire Date
          • First 3 Days of Hire
          • First Week of Hire
          • First Month of Hire
          • Select Due Date and choose a date using the calendar.
      • When finished, click Save.

  • Make any additional edits to your LEARN course. Save your changes. 
  • Return to the course where you want to set prerequisites and update as necessary.


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