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How do I use filters on the Requisitions Dashboard?

Sherryl -

Another enhancement being made to Requisitions, in this release, relates to how you find your requisitions. The easier you can find your requisitions the faster you can get the best talent in the door. Therefore, in this release, we are introducing filters to the "Manage Requisitions" page allowing you to filter by status, location, position and recruiter.

Feature Overview:

● To filter on requisitions:

○ Go to Administrator>Requisitions>Manage Requisitions.

○ Click on Show/Hide Filters

● Filter options include status, location, position and recruiter.

● There is no minimum or maximum on the number of filters that can be utilized at one time.

● Filters will be sticky; meaning the selection you make will be remembered the next time you return to the page.

● Filters can be selected by either scrolling through the drop list or by typing in some or all of the letters of what you want to select.

● To remove a filter, simply click the “x” by the one you want removed.

● There will also be a Clear Filter option if you want to remove all the filters you set up.