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Courses: How do I assign courses to individuals in LEARN?

Amy -

Typically, LEARN Courses are assigned by job and location or role.  After a course is created, Administrators can assign LEARN courses to specific individuals as well. 

To assign a LEARN course to an individual:

To access Courses at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization.  → LEARN/Manage Courses.

  • Your courses will display.  
  • Next to the course you want to assign, click Assign Individuals.

  • A window will appear where you can select individual team members. To add an individual, click the checkbox next to his or her name. You can select multiple individuals if needed.  When finished, click Next.
      • Note: Only individuals NOT already assigned the course will display.

  • You will be prompted to require the course and set the course due date for the specific team members you selected.  Click Require this course. Set a due date by using the calendar. When finished, click Save.
      • Note: If you do not want to require the course and instead make it optional, do not click Require.  You must still click Save.

  • A message template will appear so you can notify the individuals of the required course. To send the message, click Send



  • If a team member is assigned to a course as an individual, and they are in a job that also has the course assigned, the course will only be listed once for the individual to complete. 
  • If a team member is assigned as an individual, and is in a job assigned to the course that is later removed by unassigning, the course will still remain in his or her library.