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Manager Workflow: How do I view the Leadership Management Report?

Brian -

If your organization is using assessments during the application process, you also have access to a Leadership Management Report for current team members.  This report is designed to assist in exploring areas where employees can be developed as a leader in a managerial role. This report can also be used by an individual who wants to explore their own core personality traits and cognitive abilities, and how those influence their leadership style.  This report is only available if the individual has taken both the Personality and Cognitive assessments.  

To view the Leadership Management Report at any time:

  • You can view the Leadership Management Report at any time from the Assessments tab in the Team Member Record.  (This report will not display when the individual is an Applicant or Candidate.)
  • From the Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab, click Team Members
  • Click the individual's name to open their record. 
  • Click on the Assessments tab.
  • Click the Leadership Management Report.