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Can I permanently delete an Applicant/Candidate/Team Member?

David -

PeopleMatter is not set up to not permanently delete anyone from the system.  

  • Individuals can be marked as "Removed" from the Applicant Record or the Candidate Record.  This is a best practice in order to keep your applicant pool and candidate pool up to date.
  • In the event you have marked an individual as "Removed" and you need to access that individual's record, you can filter on the "Removed" Status under the Advanced Filter or by clicking All. This can be done from Applicants or Candidates.


  •  Team Members can be marked as "Separated" from the organization.  
    • Some organizations handle separations in other systems, and this information interfaces back to PeopleMatter.
    • Some organizations perform the separation workflow manually within PeopleMatter.  Speak to your organization's Administrator or Human Resources Department if you are unsure how his applies to you.

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