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The Event 20 Retrigger Tool aka The Green Ninja

Shelby -

The event 20 Retrigger Tool aka The Green Ninja is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to retrigger the new hire integration event.

***DISCLAIMER: This tool is not an official PeopleMatter product and is only meant for the sole use of the issues and use cases presented in this article. PeopleMatter is not responsible for any issues or maintenance regarding the Ninja tools, and you will need to verify that the use of the tools is authorized by your internal IT or Security teams prior to its usage. Any issues with the Ninja tools may be reported to but still not abide by the same Service License Agreements as stated in your official PeopleMatter CSA.***



You install it from

Please note that this is a Google Chrome extension therefore it will only work in Google Chrome!!

The extension should look like this in the top right corner of your Chrome browser:


The event 20 is the new hire event that is initiated from PeopleMatter when the second section of the I9 is completed for a member.  Sometimes there are errors associated with the integration. That is where this tool comes in handy!  This extension allows you to retrigger that new hire event again to try and push the member into your destination of choice.

Please note that the extension will only show up GREEN when you are on a member's page in PeopleMatter. All other pages will show the ninja as being grayed out like so:



How to use it:

If you do not see the member in your destination of choice and are sure their second section of the I9 is complete,

  1. Pull up the member in PeopleMatter
  2. Click the Green Ninja Icon
  3. Click the Trigger button ONLY ONE TIME!
  4. A confirmation window will show up that the integration was successfully retriggered
  5. Wait one hour. If the member is STILL not in your destination, please contact

Thank you!