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How do Employees complete Action Items on the Mobile App?

Carla -

Employees can view and complete action items on the PeopleMatter Mobile App. 

To view and complete Action Items:

  • To access Action Items at any time, follow this path: Navigation Menu → Action Items. Managers can view action items in both their Employee Dashboard and their Manager Dashboard.
  • The number of action items needed to be completed will be noted on the Dashboard.
  • The list of action items will show title, what needs to be done (e.g. read a document, watch a video, etc.), if it is a blocking action item, and the due date when applicable.
  • All incomplete Action Items will be listed; however, only company created Action Items can be completed via the mobile app. PeopleMatter created Action Items (e.g. I­9) will have a note to complete via a computer.
  • A Blocking Action Item must be completed before the user can proceed in the application. A reminder will pop up every 5 minutes until the action is completed but a “Snooze” option is available.
  • When a document must be read as an action item, the checkbox acknowledging it has been read will be disabled until the user has viewed the document.