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How do Employees edit Availability on the Mobile App?

Amy -

Employees can edit their availability on PeopleMatter the Mobile App.

To edit availability:

  • To access Availability at any time, follow this path: Navigation Menu  Availability



  • Employees assigned to multiple locations will see each location listed under each day allowing them to set up availability by location.
  • Availability can be set by specific times or by indicating All Day or Unavailable.
  • Multiple shifts can be set up for a single day; for example, if the employee is available from 6:00 AM­ - 1 0:00 AM and 5:00 PM­ - 10:00P M.
  • The system will prevent overlapping times by presenting an error.
  • Availabilities cannot cross over midnight; rather, these should be entered on the separate days.
  • For convenience an Apply to all days of the week option is available.
  • A note (up to 255 characters) regarding the set availability can be entered which only the manager can see.