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INDEED- Non-Sponsored Job Postings Update

Amy -


Make any changes on or before 9/8/2016

 What currently happens?

Currently, there is an option under Settings>Job Boards>Indeed that allows an Admin to choose to add the Business Unit (location) name along with the main Business (Brand) name. (Screenshot below)


 This feature was added earlier this year to allow customers with multiple brands the ability to list those specific brands in the location name and feel more comfortable that your applicants would easily locate your Indeed job postings.

What is changing?

INDEED is limiting the ability for customers to use both Brand/Business and Business Unit/Location names in the FREE Indeed job board postings. The Indeed Quality team has decided to restrict this information down to Brand/Company ONLY. Unfortunately, PeopleMatter has no control over this change.

What does this mean?

This means that beginning on 9/9/2016, your job postings will be pushed to Indeed with only the Company information from Settings>General Settings>Company Name. This also means the checkbox to have posts include "Business Name - Business Unit Name" will no longer be valid. (It will still be visible for now)

Starting 9/9- What you should do!

In an attempt to help your applicants find your job postings faster, our team has developed a new feature that went live with our latest release. This feature offers a new BRAND NAME for JOB BOARDS block in Location Settings (Settings>Locations). If that location should be listed differently than your Company Name, please ADD IT HERE. Our system will use that block first, if it is left blank, we will default to your General Settings>Company name

If this is not enough visibility for you, Indeed does offer Sponsored postings which could allow you to customize your job postings in a ton of ways!