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McDonald's: Applicant Tracking - Administrator - How do I add my Hiring Managers?

Amy -

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These steps will guide you through the process of adding your Hiring Managers or additional Administrative users.


Before adding a new Employee, you are encouraged you to communicate with the individual, so they know to expect the account creation email from


  • Log into PeopleMatter as an Administrator. 
  • Click Settings and select your company name.
  • Click Employees.
  • Click Add New. 
      • Enter Team Member Personal Information, including First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, which are required fields.  It is important to note that when entering the email address, you must use the individual’s email address and not a shared email address.  An individual email address is required because this will be used for the Team Member to create their personal account within PeopleMatter.  
      • Note: We do not recommend that you use store email addresses for individual users. Since this is a personal account, using an email that has shared access can be a compliance risk. To read more, click here.
      • If using a store email address is your only option, you can use the store email address; however, you will need to delete that email address off that employee’s record, after they have created their account. To do so:
          1. Click Workspaces then Administrator.
          2. Click Employees.
          3. Find the Employee and open their record.
          4. Click Edit on Email Address.
          5. Delete the Email Address and click Save.
  • Under Primary Job, click Add a Position.  You will be prompted to select the stores the Team Member will need to access. When finished assigning units, click Continue
  • You will be prompted to enter additional information, including Hire Date at New Store, Status, and Position at New Store.  Click Next
  • You will be prompted to enter a Pay Rate. Leave it at 0.  Click Add
  • Select Yes for Is this person a system administrator? 
      • Recommended Roles:
        • System-wide administrator – Primary Admin
        • Hiring Managers – Business Unit Admin*
        • Region Manager – Human Resources Manager*
            • *For these two roles, you will need to select the specific location(s) that they are assigned to.  You can do this by clicking the View/Assign Stores and Access Rights link.
  • Click Save.
  • The Employee will be added to the Directory. When you add a new Employee, PeopleMatter automatically sends an email inviting them to create their PeopleMatter account.  

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