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How do I enter a Permanent Resident Card when completing Section 2 of the I-9?

Annie -

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To complete this process, the Manager must:

  1. Ensure the citizenship status and Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number in Section 1 is accurate, and
  2. Enter the correct document number for a Permanent Resident Card. 

Please note, these are two different numbers. 


This can be completed using the I-9 Documentation Dashboard.  

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click I-9 Documentation
  • A list of Team Members will appear.  The status for each individual will display on the right.
  • Click Actions.  Click Start I-9
  • Section 2 of the I-9 will open.  There are four steps for you to complete. 

Step 1: Verify the information in Section 1:

  • When an employee provides a Permanent Resident Card as verification of their employment, they should have marked Lawful Permanent Resident as their status in Section 1 of Form I-9. This is the only citizenship status that the Permanent Resident Card is associated with.
  • The manager can then verify the employee entered the correct Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number. Please keep in mind, this number is always different than the document number the manager enters in Step 2 of Section 2 for Form I-9.
  • Highlighted below is where the number that should be on Section 1 can be found:

  • Please note: If the manager finds any incorrect information ion Section 1 of the I-9, they can click "Send Back To the Employee for Corrections" on the bottom left of the screen, which will send an email to the employee to make any changes.
  • Click Next to move on to Step 2. 


Step 2: Enter Documentation Information:

  • Select the Permanent Resident Card for verification.
  • Enter Document Title, Issuing Authority, Document Number, and an Expiration Date.
      • The issuing authority is always USCIS.
      • To find the number, review the highlighted areas in the picture below.


  •  Complete the remaining steps for finishing Section 2 as you normally would.

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