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McDonald's: Applicant Tracking - Administrator - How do I get access to PeopleMatter?

Amy -

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If you do not have access to PeopleMatter, please confirm the following items, in order:

  1. You have signed the Terms and Conditions in GAM - Your account will be created in PeopleMatter within 48 hours after you have accepted the data agreement in GAM (General Account Manager). See the below attachment to see the process in GAM.  This will trigger an email to the Owner/Operator to create an account. The agreement should look like the following:

***If you are not certain that it has been signed or you do not see in the Owner/Operator's GAM site, please call McDonald's Support Center at 1-800-515-3636

  1. You are the primary Owner/Operator of your business - Only one user will be sent over to PeopleMatter from McDonald's.  This person holds the responsibility to add additional users or give another user Financial Admin rights.  For step by step instructions click here.
  2. The email from "" went to spam - This email often times goes to spam.  Please make sure that this is not waiting for you in your spam folder.

If you have confirmed all of the above and still do not have the email, or if you did receive the email and the link has expired (the link will expire after 4 days), please email with the following:

I am a McDonald's Owner Operator and did not receive my account creation email (or it has expired).  Please resend the information to me.



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