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Messages: How do I send What's Happening Messages to Team Members on the Mobile App? (video)

Andrew -

The Messages feature allows you to view and send messages to Team Members within your units.  You can send messages to one specific unit or to all units.  

Note that using the Messages feature on the Mobile App is the same as the What’s Happening functionality available on the web using a desktop computer.  For more information, please view the Send What's Happening Messages to Team Members eLearning Lesson


To send a message using the Mobile App:

  • To access Messages at any time, follow this path:  Navigation Menu Manage/Messages.
  • Messages you have sent recently will appear.
  • The Messages screen allows you to take the following action:

A. Send a new message: Click Add Message

B.  Delete a message:  Click the X to delete.



To send a new message:

  • Click Add Message (see A above).
  • Determine who you receive the message; choose from:
    • Send a message to specific location only.
    • Send a message to all locations.
  • Type your message up to 144 characters.
  • Click Add Spanish translation, if applicable, and enter the message in Spanish.  Note that PeopleMatter will not provide this translation for you.
  • Click Send in the top right corner.



For additional training regarding Messages, please view the Overview & Basic Features eLearning Lesson