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Possible reasons why dropdowns and formatting are not working properly

Amy -

There are various issues that occur when a non-supported browser is being used to access the PeopleMatter system or application. Examples: (drop-downs do not work; formatting is overlapping)

PeopleMatter supports the following browsers on a Windows-based PC or an Apple Macintosh:

    • Administrators and Team Members – Latest version plus one prior for the following browsers:
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10)
    • Job Application:
      • Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
      • Mozilla Firefox (latest release plus one prior)
      • Google Chrome (latest release plus one prior)
      • Safari (latest release plus one prior)
      • Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10)
      • In addition, the Job Application is supported on mobile devices running iOS and Android
    • Internet Explorer 8 is NOT supported

In addition, the Job Application is supported on any device, PC, smartphone, or tablet, using any of the supported browsers listed above. 

Internet Explorer 8

NOTES:  With the Winter 2012 release, the PeopleMatter platform includes reports generated by Jaspersoft.  They are not supported on the Safari browser due to a security hole with that browser beyond our control.