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FIND + HIRE Administrator Training

Andrew -

Administrator Training for PeopleMatter FIND Applicant Tracking includes the following topics:

  • Configure General Settings
  • Configure Branding
  • Configure Availabilities
  • Configure Units
  • Configure Jobs
  • Assign Jobs to Units
  • Job Application Part 1 - Applicant View of Application
  • Job Application Part 2 - Default Sections and Questions
  • Job Application Part 3 - Create Sections and Questions
  • Configure Assessments
  • Configure Backgrounds for LS Screening or Configure Backgrounds Checks for Sterling
  • Understand User Roles
  • Add Team Members and Assign User Roles
  • Configure Job Boards
  • Configure Message Templates
  • Configure Pay Rates
  • Configure Jobs - Global Settings
  • Configure New Hire Data
  • Configure Disposition Status
  • Configure Applicant Removal

To access this training via eLearning Lessons, please visit the Administrator Applicant Tracking Training Website.



Administrator Training for PeopleMatter HIRE Onboarding includes the following topics:

  • Onboarding Part 1 - Team Member Experience with Onboarding
  • Onboarding Part 2 - Configure Onboarding Message Templates
  • Onboarding Part 3 - Configure Default Employee Tasks
  • Onboarding Part 4 - Configure Custom Employee Tasks
  • Onboarding Part 5 - Configure Manager Tasks
  • Onboarding Part 6 - Configure Onboarding General Settings
  • Configure I-9 Documentation Settings
  • Configure e-Verify Settings
  • Configure Tax Credit Processing

To access this training via eLearning Lessons, please visit the Administrator Onboarding Training Website.