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I-9: How do I upload I-9 Documentation using Document Fast Capture on the Mobile App? (video)

Andrew -

The PeopleMatter Mobile App allows you to upload copies of documentation into the Team Member’s record.  The PeopleMatter Mobile App Document Fast Capture makes this process easy and efficient for you. Check with your Human Resources Staff to ensure expectations of using this feature.

  • The PeopleMatter Mobile App Document Fast Capture feature works like mobile banking check-deposit features, where the Mobile App will use your device’s camera to take a picture.
  • The picture will upload securely to the Team Member’s record; the picture will not be saved on the Manager’s mobile device.
  • Uploaded files cannot be accessed via the Mobile App.  A summary of uploaded documents can be viewed, but the document or image can only be viewed within the Team Member’s record from the web using a desktop computer.
  • You can access Document Photo Upload at any time by following this path:  Navigation Menu HIRE/Contacts.  
  • You can also access Document Photo Upload for I-9 specifically by following this path:  Navigation Menu HIRE/I-9.   
  • The steps outlined will specifically address I-9, but the feature works similarly for additional documentation using Other.


To upload I-9 Documentation:

  1. Open the Team Member’s record. Open the section called Document Photo Upload.  You will see I-9 or Other.  Click I-9.
  2. The I-9 Document Type selections will appear.  The options that appear are based on the settings set for your organization for I-9 and e-Verify if applicable.  Click to select the document type.
  3. Use your camera to take a photo of the document.
    If satisfied with the photo, click Proceed.  If not, click Retake.
  4. You will be asked to add additional pages.  Say Yes or No.
    There is a limit of five photos per document upload.
    • If you add one image, the file will save as a jpeg.  
    • If you add more than one image, up to five, the images will save as a pdf.
  5. After adding the photos, you will be prompted to review the photos.  If necessary, you can retake any of the photos by tapping on the photo for a retake option.  Click Upload All.
  6. You will be prompted to add a Document Name. Click Upload.
  7. You will receive confirmation that the document was uploaded successfully.  Click OK.




For additional training regarding I-9 Documentation, please view the Upload I-9 Documentation eLearning Lesson: